WTG is a cybersecurity expert in the St. Louis region.

Cybersecurity continues to be a problem for businesses of all sizes.  As security advances, so does hackers’ ability to hack accounts or systems.  You hear about it daily on the national news.  WebTech takes cybersecurity seriously because we host the customers’ websites, and if a customer’s site gets hacked, they have access to our servers.

We offer three types of cybersecurity:

Most businesses think this could never happen to them or that they are too small to become a target of hackers, but it affects businesses of all sizes.  For example, in late 2021, we had a small pizza franchise location hacked, and the hackers demanded $6,000 paid in Bitcoin.  We broke into the site through our server, cleaned out the corrupt files, and enhanced the firewall for more advanced security.  As a result, they were offline for less than one hour.

We had planned for this to happen at some point, but we recovered the site in record time and learned how to improve our process to put customers back online in minutes to reduce the damages caused by the loss of revenue.

We will work with you to understand your systems and points of vulnerabilities and help maximize the security to protect the infrastructure of your systems.  The data backup process and procedures are always prudent, especially when using cloud-based backup.

Many factors determine the price.  Call to discuss an estimate.