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WebTech Group is a St. Louis SEO agency offering search engine-friendly hosting, design, SEO, & St. Louis SEO, backed with an unprecedented experience.

WebTech Group is a St. Louis SEO agency and digital marketing agency located in Wildwood and Creve Coeur, Missouri, serving the entire St. Louis region by offering digital products and services, including:

We are SEO Certified and Google Certified in multiple topics.  Additionally, we are members of the United States Press Agency.

We build “search engine friendly” websites.  Meaning, that our websites are designed to give you top rankings in search results for the search terms and phrases that consumers use when searching for the products or services you offer.

There is nothing more critical to a business than its online presence.  Our SEO-focused hosting, web design, and link-building strategies will ensure you have a prominent online presence.  As a St. Louis SEO agency that is SEO Certified, we take SEO seriously.

If consumers cannot find you when searching for your products and services online, how can you expect them to do business with you?

All websites are not created equal.  A business should easily be found in search results, maps, and Google Ads to protect your business name and assure consumers find you when searching for the products/services you offer.  Consumers use Siri to talk to search engines as well as Amazon Alexa.  If you are not indexed correctly in these systems, they will not refer to your business as a source.

The biggest mistake we see business owners make is assuming they are in business with a storefront that the digital world knows exists.  But, unfortunately, it is NOT that simple!

We will work with you to learn as much about your business as possible to write your website’s best content.  We have award-winning writers trained to write content that will help your website be indexed appropriately for the proper keywords that consumers use when searching, which will increase your clicks, calls, and revenues.

Most importantly, if you desire to see our best work, please refer to STL.News, and St Louis Restaurant Review.

We are the design and hosting firm for these two sites.  Both are complex, high server usage sites that we designed, hosted, maintained, and own an equity stake in each site.  In addition, we serve as Editor in Chief to STL.News and its network of news sites.

We are content-driven, supporting Bill Gates’s popular statement that “content is king.”  We own a variety of news sites and blogs.  Therefore, we value content and can help you rank better in search results with better content.

Read more about us in our news blog.


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