IDX Web Design for St Louis Realtors

WebTech Group offers IDX web design to St Louis realtors

We are an IDX Partners, SEO Certified, and host, designed.

We feel that we are uniquely qualified to help real estate brokers and realtors enhance their online visibility by helping them be found, offering listings on their website, and/or making sure their listings are published across dozens of MLS listings sites across the web using our proprietary service; MListingS.  MListingS was created to help real estate brokers and their agents get their listings published.

We will work with you to create the best hosting requirements for your website. Broker/agent websites require enhanced hosting structure to assure a fast load time to make sure that the major search engines like Google and Bing do not penalize you for having a “slow loading website.”

IDX has products and services for realtors that want to show MLS listings on their website.  We are an IDX Partner, but more importantly, we are experienced with MLS and are SEO Certified, combined will help ensure you top rankings on the web.

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