Merchant Services

WebTech Group offers Merchant Services to local businesses.

WebTech and its affiliate, STL.News, LLC has begun offering merchant services to businesses of all sizes.  This product was added to streamline the launch of e-commerce websites built for customers and produce additional revenue streams paid to outside parties.

Our objectives in adding this service were:

  1. To increase launch times of e-commerce-type websites – generally, we have to wait, sometimes days or weeks, for outside processors, which delays our ability to timely launch for the merchants.  Doing the processing substantially reduces our launch times and improves our ability to troubleshoot when a problem arises.
  2. Keep management and maintenance fees less expensive for business owners.  When we give estimates for e-commerce sites, the costs will be less if we control the processing because launch time will increase while troubleshooting times are reduced.  It gives us access to all systems to improve our service while producing additional income.  Most credit card salespeople are paid a commission each month, but what?  We give credit back to the merchant for such convenience for the merchant as well as WebTech.

Our Merchant Services partners are:

  1. TSYS
  2. SignaPay
  3. (gateway)

SignaPay is a large ISO that offers merchants a large variety of services.  They have relationships with all relevant parties. is the most respected payment gateway in the industry.  Visa owns it, which makes the processing process simple to configure.

This structure will be explained to each customer of WebTech Group, STL.News, LLC, and eOrderSTL to prove complete transparency so there are no perceived conflicts of interests.