WebTech Group in cooperation with its partners offers a broad range of internet based products and services.

Our Products and Service are:

  1. Custom Website Design, including, eCommerce, News Blogs and/or Blogs – if you can create the vision, we can create the site regardless of its functionality.
  2. SEO & St Louis SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – whether you are targeting consumers across the country or locally, we know how to properly optimize your website that will comply with Google, bing and Yandex search engines assuring your online visibility.
  3. Google AdWords Campaign Management – We can create an online digital marketing advertising campaign using the hottest tools on the market, Google AdWords.
  4. Social Media Management – We can integrate your social media into your website sharing your blog post with multiple social media websites to expand your content distribution.
  5. Website Hosting including, Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) – Dedicated Server – We own and manage our own high-speed web servers located in the St. Louis metro area offering local IP addresses and security for the fastest load times, which helps your website rankings with the major search engines.  Additionally, we can provide your with a local dedicated server for your website or application based.
  6. Website Security – We can properly secure your website to assure that it is not hacked or held hostage for ransom.
  7. Website Code Debugging – If you have been the victim of an unfortunate hack, we can remove the phishing files and secure your site from further disruptions.
  8. WC3 Validation Service – We can review and correct all coding errors to assure that the major search engines like Google, bing and Yandex can crawl and properly index your website.
  9. Data Backup Storage – We can backup your website and data offsite to assure continuity of your data and even offer fast recovery minimizing interruptions in business operations.  Read more
  10. Press Release Distribution – AP, PR Newswire, Google News, Bing News, Apple News and social media distribution
  11. Restaurant Online Ordering & Marketing – We offer state-of-the-art restaurant online ordering and can help you market the online ordering feature to assure you increase sales and profits.
  12. And much more!