Restaurant Online Ordering System

eOrderSTL - The beginning - The progress

A restaurant’s online ordering system will significantly improve your sales and bottom-line profits without sharing a percentage of your revenue with a third-party

Restaurant Online Ordering System – an excellent service and marketing strategy for restaurants to service and expand their customer base offering state-of-the-art technology from a reliable system with a respectable up-time record.

Keep all of the proceeds from your online sales.  Don’t share your revenue with other online providers.  Instead, create your own restaurant online ordering system to expand your business.

WebTech Group supports multiple restaurants using the same platform we have used for years.  Our system is stable and incredibly reliable.

The cost of the system is a flat monthly fee, not a percentage of sales.  In addition, there is a variable upfront setup fee.  The size of the menu determines setup fees, whether you want pictures, etc.  However, the setup fee can range from $150 to $500, with a monthly cost starting at $150.00.

Typically, funds from the sale of your restaurant’s online ordering system are deposited by your processing company within 1-2 days.

In order to help recoup the expense of the online ordering systems, some restaurants increase the cost of menu items or charge a convenience fee, which consumers are accustomed to paying and are happy to do so.  It is correctly disclosed to consumers before they place the order in order to provide transparency.

Check out eOrderSTL, which is available on St. Louis Restaurant Review.

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