St. Louis SEO Services

WebTech Group offers St Louis SEO services to St Louis businesses that want to be found in Google & Bing search results by optimizing their website for high search engine rankings.

WebTech Group is located in St. Louis, Missouri, offering St. Louis SEO services to a select group of companies that seek high search engine rankings.  Most importantly, we are SEO Certified.

We sincerely believe that nothing is more important to a business’s survival, especially those with a physical location, than its online presence!

If you cannot be found by consumers looking for the products and services you offer, how can you expect them to do business with you?  The answer is simple; you can’t expect that without facing the fact that you are naive.  We say that jokingly but with sincerity.

St Louis SEO services will assure you that your business is being seen in organic search results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

There is a lot of effort that goes into a highly ranked website. Many factors affect a websites’ rankings, including:

  • Web Hosting
  • CMS a.k.a. Content Management System
  • Content – this is the most undervalued asset of websites.
  • Links – Internal and External
  • Maps Listings
  • Website Structure
  • Website Navigation
  • Other Online Presence

These are a few, but certainly not all, aspects of a high-ranking website.

After providing web design and SEO services for years, we have seen the most common mistakes made.  Many web designers do not know everything necessary to build a search engine-friendly website.  If they do know, some will do nothing more than is necessary because you, the business owner, do not know what needs to be done to be properly found in search results.

While we rank SEO as an important online strategy, it is less effective than it was a few years ago.   The web continues to grow at a rapid rate, and rankings are more competitive than ever before.

We will always promote strong rankings, but a highly optimized website can complement Google AdWords and our Google AdWords Management Account

A highly optimized website will actually help lower your cost for AdWords, which your “Quality Score determines.”   Therefore, if the budget allows, combining a highly optimized website with Google AdWords is the perfect online marketing strategy.

Contact WebTech Group for St Louis SEO services performed by an SEO Certified specialist.

When we create a web design for a customer, we consider SEO strategies from the design perspective.  Many web designers will take short-cuts, and when you complain that your website is not found, they will attempt to sell you SEO services for additional revenue.  We do NOT do that!

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