Website Security & Data Security and Storage Solutions

WebTech Group offers Website Security and Data Security and Storage Solutions

Website Security – we can secure your website preventing it from being hacked and used for illegal purposes.  Websites can be hacked and server resources used for spamming, redirecting website with high traffic to illegal websites and much more.  We are experts that securing your website.  It is a common problem for businesses to have their website compromised and not even know it or to discover it after your site has already been damaged.

Data Storage – we offer data backup using our state-of-the-art backup servers and for big data we offer Carbonite storage solutions as a certified re-seller.

Home & Personal backup solutions ranging in price from $10 monthly to $100 monthly, offering:

  1. Automatic cloud backup
  2. Award-wining support 24/7
  3. External Hard Drive backup
  4. Remote file access to files
  5. Encryption
  7. Easy centralized & admin controls
  8. Image Backup and Bare Metal Restore
  9. Backup databases and application

Data protection for businesses (call for a customized quote):

  1. Server backup – cloud backup should be part of a comprehensive data protection plan.
  2. Data Center Backup – data centers are complex, but our data storage options/solutions is not.
  3. High Availability – downtime is not an option?  Choose our high availability option!
  4. Migration – easily migrate projects and switch between cloud vendors with no data loss and/or risk of downtime.
  5. Endpoint Protection – onsite or cloud data storage/protection for all devices including desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
  6. Complete Protection – we offer backup, migration and big data protection solutions for businesses of all sizes.

For more information call Marty at (314) 808-1870.

Notes: WebTech affiliate, St. Louis Media, LLC is the Carbonite re-seller.