WebTech Group Adds Thai Kitchens’ to eOrderSTL

(WebTech Group) WebTech Group has been working with Thai Kitchen to add four locations to the St. Louis Restaurant Review, eOrderSTL platform.

Thai Kitchen at the four locations are well-known and loved by their customer by the looks of their online reviews.  Each location is rated from 4.5 Stars to 5 Stars with Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

Their four locations are as follows:

  1. Thai Kitchen – Florissant
  2. Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon
  3. Thai Kitchen – St. Charles
  4. Thai Kitchen – Wentzville

Three of the locations are owned by the founder, while the Florissant is owned by the founders’ brother.  Still, they work together well as a family dedicated to providing the best Thai cuisines in the St. Louis region.

Today, we have more than 10 St. Louis area restaurants that we are adding to the list of participating restaurants to eOrderSTL, which is part of St. Louis Restaurant Review.  The facts that we are local and publish content about restaurants make us an important source for restaurants in the St. Louis region.