WebTech Group hired by Asset Guardians, LLC

Asset Guardians have retained WebTech Group to create their business website.

ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisWeb.Design) Asset Guardians have retained WebTech Group to create a website for their professional Reserve Study services that they provide to homeowner associations, condominium associations, etc.

Asset Guardians, LLC is affiliated with DNI Properties, Inc., another web design and hosting customer of WebTech Group.

Mr. Doug Gardner, 96 years old and works every day, owns the company.  He has built great companies that offer unique services and have created some rewarding long-term successful relationships.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve both companies, get acquainted with Mr. Gardner, and help him grow his companies.

DNI Properties is a homeowners management company helping communities manage their communities ethically, focusing on accounting, reserve studies, legal strategies, and compliance to support the boards of the communities to remain in good standing with their members.

Asset Guardians offers Reserve Studies, which creates budgets and reserves funds for communities to replace and repair expected expenses on depreciable assets.