WebTech Launches Restaurant Directory and Online Ordering

WebTech Group launches St. Louis Restaurant Directory and online ordering to help St. Louis restaurants recover from the lockdown and save money while increasing sales.

ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisWeb.Design) WebTech Group has been the publisher of St. Louis Restaurant Review since 2014.  However, recently, the restaurant review site was submitted and approved for Google News inclusion.

Additionally, the review site auto shares its news stories with the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, for maximum online visibility.  It will send out email notifications alerting subscribers that a new post was published in the near future.

WebTechs’ objective is to help restaurants survive this pandemic by promoting the establishments and to help them save money and better manage their money with real-time accounting that can be easily implemented.

To help fulfill the mission to help restaurants, we have launched St. Louis Restaurant Directory and eOrderSTL.

St. Louis Restaurant Directory is a highly optimized restaurant directory created to help drive traffic to the restaurants and their online ordering platform.  However, after realizing how much the major restaurant online ordering platforms charge for their services, we decided to launch an affordable alternative but enhancing what the restaurants get in return.  Leading providers can charge as much as 33% of sale proceeds.  Additionally, they hold your funds and mail a check at the end of the month.

eOrderSTL is a highly optimized restaurant online ordering platform.  Restaurants will be paid the next business day and pay a maximum of 15% of sale proceeds.  However, the biggest difference is that we will market the restaurant and drive traffic to their website and our online ordering system designed specifically for each restaurant, with a mobile app as an additional feature.

WebTech serves as the Editor in Chief for STL.News, and a PBN (private blog network), which all will be used to marketing restaurants participating in eOrderSTL.

While creating eOrderSTL, WebTechs’ affiliated company, STL.News, LLC, received approval to be an agent for Signapay, a credit card processing ISO providing state-of-the-art-technology for all types of businesses, including restaurants.  We applied to be an agent to create an affordable system that is easy for us and the restaurant owner to maintain.  Being an agent, we easily control the API to configure and routinely service the establishment.