WebTech Publishes Alerts

ST LOUIS, MO (WebTech Group) As the Editor in Chief for STL.News and a large subscriber of technical products and services, WebTech has issued warnings to protect businesses and consumers from wasting money on technology that is not effective.

This is not an attempt of revenge or retaliation, but an attempt to protect and to disclose facts that technology companies hide to prevent damaging sales or existing subscriptions.  Our warnings are not absent of the companies intentions to resolve issues.  If they communicate with us and prove that the issues are resolved so consumers get what they are paying for, we will be happy to reverse our content to reflect those efforts.

Our recent warnings are:

  1. Business Consumer Alert – Synup
  2. Technology Warning – wpmudev


  1. We previously represented Synup as a reseller but terminated the contract for reasons stated in the article.
  2. We are currently a subscriber to the wpmudev platform but are seeking alternatives, which may result in us taking action to terminate this relationship.