WebTech Group offers WordPress website repair and security – we can correct spam and phishing injections made to your website and secure it from future hacks – websites being hacked does damage your website rankings in Google search results

WebTech Group are website security experts.  We are partners with Wordfence, Sucuri and WP MU Developers that have created some of the most advanced website security products and services available.  The search engines do this to protect their visitor from infected sites.  However, it can be damaging to your business that can take months to recover the trust with Google and Bing.  

Owning a website comes with a responsibility to protect those that visit your site.  If you do NOT protect your visitors you will lose the trust of Google and Bing and they will not show your site/business to prospective customers.  This has become one of the most important responsibilities of owning any website.

Cyber-security is at critical levels of concern for website owners as hackers seek out weak websites to use for spam and phishing campaigns.

Cybersecurity is critical to protect your website and assure high website rankings – if you have been hacked, we offer WordPress website repair and security

If your website gets hacked and used for these illegal activities the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will eventually remove your website from being shown in search results.

If you have a hacked site that is creating problems we can quickly resolve the injections and properly secure your website to avoid being hacked in the future.

We have different levels of services and products.  Which product or service we utilize depends on the severity of the problem you are encountering.  We have created a multiple layer strategy to protect your website and it’s rankings with the major search engines.  Additionally, we are on call 24/7 for fast response to security issues.  Your website is monitored in real-time and we guarantee our service, or there is not cost to you for us to repair your site.

There are many factors that subject a website to the vulnerability of hacks.  Maybe weak user and password selection, out of date CMS or plugins, lack for firewall, and many more items.

The cost to repair a site depends on the severity of the hack.  Cost to secure a site depends on the level security and also depends on whether there are any regulations that mandate specific security assets or procedures.

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