eOrderSTL – The beginning – The progress

eOrderSTL is an online ordering platform for restaurants to sell food online and receive significant marketing strategies in addition to the platform

ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisWeb.Design) Our affiliated company, STL.News, LLC has launched eOrderSTL as part of our domain, St. Louis Restaurant Review.

We launched St. Louis Restaurant Directory on a subdomain of StLouisRestaurantReview.com to be found in search results for local restaurant establishments.

We will use the directory and the blog to drive traffic to the online ordering systems that we have successfully launched to drive traffic to the establishments paying a commission, which helps pay us for the marketing that we will do to help promote the establishments.

Large online delivery providers charge as much as 30% and provide delivery services, which many are not happy with because of slow delivery times resulting in cold food, which customers blame the restaurants for.

Our platform charges 15%, including actual marketing services to help drive traffic to the restaurant’s directory listings and online ordering.  Additionally, we can use the St. Louis Restaurant Review website to help attract traffic to redirect them to the establishment for online orders.

We are considering making delivery options available but need to perform thorough due diligence to ensure that we can deliver quality and timely service on behalf of the customers.

Our mission for creating this service was to help save the restaurants money, especially those with their own delivery people.  Our program can save them as much as 50% on the commission, plus get marketing that will truly drive traffic to their directory listing.

Some of the large online delivery platforms buy Google Ads using the keyword as the restaurant’s name diverting traffic from the restaurant website to the third-party website and taking as much as thirty percent (30%) for betraying the establishment.  Using the keyword, which is the restaurant name, positions their ad to the top of a Google search, causing consumers to click on the ad rather than directly to the restaurants’ website.  Yes, they call this “marketing.”  Not true!

Restaurants need to protect their name.  We recommend that they Trademark their name so nobody can step in front of their web presence for profit without truly doing marketing.  We published a blog post about this earlier today as we have expanded our research to include more information regarding this financially damaging practice to restaurants.  CLICK to read the recent article.

WebTech Group is the creator of eOrderSTL.  Additionally, we designed, host and optimize the websites for maximum online visibility.