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ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisWeb.Design) Webtech Group is an SEO agency with the founder being SEO Certified.  Additionally, he holds certifications with Yoast and is a Google partner, Bing partner, and Apple publisher.

If you are a small business seeking local online traffic, how do you accomplish that?

Local traffic is among the easiest traffic to attract.  Many web design agencies that promote SEO do not understand SEO or create an insufficient site to upsell your SEO services.

We have no games and no tricks!

If we design a website, SEO best practices are implemented from the beginning of the design phase.  Upon the launch of a new website, we perform the following functions that are required to be found in search:

  1. We host your site on our SEO-optimized dedicated servers.  Where and how your website is hosted has a significant impact on search results.  Cheap hosting will most likely result in poor website performance.
  2. Integrate your newly designed site with the major search engines like Google and Bing.  Websites have to be submitted to the search engines, or it could take weeks or months for the search engines to find your website.  Additionally, we submit your sitemap with the search engines to ensure the search engines index all pages on your website.
  3. Index your business and website with our proprietary network to insurance high-quality links to your website.  Links are the blood vessels of the internet.  Today, websites do not need links to be found and indexed, but links will always help improve the ranking of any website.  We have a proprietary network to provide high-quality links.  We reference “high-quality” because the search engines like links, but they love high-quality links.  Links from your neighbors business are of less quality than links from CNN.  Yes, the search engines are that smart.  It is part of their acronyms.

We offer additional off-page SEO services that will help enhance your St. Louis SEO and local SEO.  We will go out on the web and claim 25-50 or more directories and claim them.  Then we will enhance them and optimize them manually.  Not an API feed that disappears, but manual submissions for permanent online presence.

We are the founders of eListings.  eListings is an online directory management service, one of the most important, if not the most important, SEO strategies available.  This is certainly true for local businesses that rely on local traffic.  The links we submit to the online directories help enhance the ranking in search engine search results.

eListings is an affordable local SEO and St. Louis SEO service that most small businesses should and need to budget for due to the overwhelming results it will provide to the consumers to help them find the products and services you offer.  Be there in front of the prospective customers when they are looking for you.

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