WebTech Announces Adding QuickBooks Bookkeeping Service

WebTech Group announces the addition of QuickBooks Bookkeeping Service to their products and services list.

Wildwood, MO (StLouisWeb.Design) WebTech Group is excited to announce that they offer Quickbooks Bookkeeping Service and payroll services using the Quickbooks Payroll system.  The service has been provided since January 2022, but the announcement has been held to catch up on the workload due to its demand.

While adding Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services and Payroll Services to the list of products and services might be an odd mix, it makes a lot of sense.

Today, bookkeeping is more about the data than the service.

Quickbooks and major banks have created a special relationship whereby the banks auto-download all banking transactions into Quickbooks Online.  No manual entry, no human errors, and not subject to procrastination which plagues the small business world.

Read their page about their service, and you will relate to their points and reasoning behind providing this service.

From our perspective, essentially every business we work with has some serious financial or bookkeeping problems.  Accounts are expensive and do as little as possible.  Companies do not realize what their accountants are not doing for them that they should.  Therefore, the business assumes that everything is ok.

Business owners do not realize and understand what accountants can do for them.  Most accountants suck at sales and do not know their clients well enough to know that they need more help to survive.

There is a severe disconnect between accountants and their clients.

However, Quickbooks has promoted that the platform is easy to use and anybody can do it.  Not true!  Much like GoDaddy has promoted that their easy-to-create web builder platform is easy and that anybody can create a website in under an hour.  Yes, you can create a website in under an hour, but they don’t tell you that nobody will see that website because it is difficult for major search engines to index a website built website due to propriety are coding that they can’t read the code.  However, if the customer is knowledgeable enough to add titles and meta descriptions on the pages, the search engines might index that page.  Might!

Bookkeeping and payroll are not simple regardless of what a multi-million dollar ad campaign says.  Most small businesses have or will get themselves into trouble if they buy into the ridiculous promo.

WebTech is moving towards offering a full-back office solution for small businesses. However, there will be more to come.