WebTech Group Launched STL.Delivery

STL.Delivery – merchants can sell anything online and have it delivered within the St. Louis region the same day using doordash – St. Louis’ first marketplace website with same-day delivery

ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisWeb.Design) WebTech Group has created STL.Delivery for its affiliate, STL.News, LLC.  It is a marketplace for St. Louis merchants to offer products and services online and get same-day delivery using doordash.

Merchants can create accounts, add products, and consumers can choose for delivery, which we have partnered with doordash for local delivery.

Additionally, you can purchase doordash delivery for items not purchased on our marketplace website.  For example, if you need tools delivered to a job site from a warehouse, you can buy that doordash service on STL.Delivery.

It is not officially online because some minor tweaks are to be made, but it is online to view, and merchants can create accounts and add their products.