WTG offers bookkeeping and payroll service using QuickBooks

WTG offers bookkeeping and payroll service using QuickBooks to help small business owners make prudent financial decisions.

ST LOUIS, MO (StLouisWeb.Design) WebTech Group has begun providing service and support for QuickBooks Online and the QuickBooks Payroll platforms.  So far this year, we have seven service contracts supporting customers’ bookkeeping and payroll needs.

Over the years, we have witnessed that most small business customers struggle with the required bookkeeping obligations.  Most do not have regular accounting services, and most are behind on sales taxes or payroll withholding taxes, or both.

Managing a business and having time to pay attention to detail that most small business owners do not understand creates the perfect situation to procrastinate.  That is human nature and very common among small business owners.  Additionally, the few that we have seen that have accountants performing regular bookkeeping services do not use them to provide the data that can be very useful to the business owner to ensure that they make prudent business decisions.